For Psychology buffs: photo of Phineas Gage found

Most introductory Psychology classes include the story of Phineas Gage, an unfortunate fellow who suffered a severe brain injury and survived, but his personality was profoundly changed. Well, it seems that a photograph of Gage has been found

First ever photo of Phineas Gage is discovered

A pair of photograph collectors in Maryland, USA, have uncovered what they believe to be the first and only ever photographic record of Phineas Gage – the railway worker who survived an iron tamping rod passing straight through the front of his brain, following an explosives accident in 1848.

The story of Gage and the effects of his injury on his behaviour and personality have become one of the most famous case studies in the history of psychology, inspiring plays, books and songs.

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  1. Michael Spurlock

    This initial discovery has triggered more findings, and we’re finding out more about Gage. Some of it will be discussed in a brief article in an upcoming issue of Smithsonian Magazine.

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