Rearing children in captivity

Here is an interesting article on how child rearing has changed. We are severely limiting the freedom of our children because of perceptions, but not realities, of risks. There are serious concerns about the psychological effects. Are we raising children to be risk-averse, crippled by fears, and phobic?

The article also makes reference to a wonderful movie called Swallows and Amazons. See it if you can.

Rearing children in captivity

The risk of abduction remains tiny. In Britain, there are now half as many children killed every year in road accidents as there were in 1922 – despite a more than 25-fold increase in traffic.

In 1970, 80% of primary school-age children made the journey from home to school on their own. It was what you did. Today the figure is under 9%. Escorting children is now the norm.

We are rearing our children in captivity – their habitat shrinking almost daily.

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5 thoughts on “Rearing children in captivity

  1. David

    The self-sufficiency admired in Arthur Ransom’s books was taught through the family activities. They were well equipped for their adventures. It can be inferred that today’s parents are not as confident (about preparing their children for the world) as Commander Walker who gave the Swallows permission in a telegram “BETTER DROWNED THAN DUFFERS IF NOT DUFFERS WONT DROWN.”

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