Buying sex toys on the Internet

When you buy sex toys, do you worry about your privacy? Would you pay more at Internet stores that displayed clear privacy information that addressed your concerns?

Here is a report from a recent study that had Pittsburgh people shopping for sex toys with different amounts of privacy information. The actual scientific paper is available at the web site for the Workshop on the Economics of Information Security.

Shoppers willing to pay extra for privacy confidence, study finds – Network World

Privacy costs extra – and online shoppers are willing to pay a premium to protect their personal information, a new study by Carnegie Mellon University finds. Study participants who were asked to go on the Web to purchase two items – a package of batteries and a vibrating sex toy – were more likely to buy from sellers with good privacy policies. On average, they were willing to pay about 60 cents extra on a $15 purchase when they were satisfied with the seller’s privacy policy.

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18 thoughts on “Buying sex toys on the Internet

  1. Andrew

    Here is a related article.

    It seems that a provider of a lubricant used for sex (Astroglide) failed to protect the private data of their customers. The issue is that the company does not have to inform the customers involved, and will suffer no penalties, even though there are real risks involved. A key part of privacy protection has to be responsibility and liability.

  2. Matt Carter

    This is a great read. I am in the process of building an adult store online. Knowing that a very complete and thorough privacy policy will help business is great. Especially when I truly want a happy and satisfied customer that knows his/her information is private.

  3. Lucy Stevens

    Very handy article. I too, like Matt above, own an adult store and this kind of information is absolutely priceless. We do have a very good privacy policy as it stands, but I think we will make this much more visible to potential customers on our site now.

    Thanks again.

  4. Paula Whyte

    Great article. As the above i run an online adult store in Australia and have a very straight forward privacy policy which our customers appreciate which in turn builds trust. I also think our discreet delivery policy and actions also go along way to building trust with new customers.

  5. Jonny Ustace

    I also run a sex shop in Canada. And I agree most of our clients purchase from us because there privacy is priority number one. I wouldn’t give out my client list for the world, that’s why our clients always come back. It’s import to trust the people you buy your sex toys from!

  6. janice

    Nice article… Yes, i agreed and i think its correct. Our main priority is to protect the privacy of the costumers… It is really important to establish and build trust to costumers and provide them good service… So that they would love to come back or go back again to your store and become a loyal costumers same as making those to new costumers it is really important….

  7. r4

    Very handy article. but I don’t think that it is a shame in buying a sex toy….. every1 have their own sex needs…. whats the big fuss?… recreation is what god made us for…. we are like this bcoz it is needed for our survival……

  8. janice

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  9. Safe Sex Toys

    I can understand people paying a premium when buying sex toys. It is a shame they are such a taboo subject after all – if there were no sex then the human race would have died out long ago. Anyone would think sex toys were a new phenomena but they’ve been around for almost as long as humans….maybe not quite as handy and if made from wood someone is just bound to have got splinters where the sun don’t shine 🙂

  10. Online Sex Shop

    Privacy is a must have for any modern online adult store. Discreet plain packaging, generic company name on credit card statement and top security measures when handling customer’s data.

    I think business owners discovered it long before any scientific paper was published, but still good to have a solid proof that it works.

  11. Best Adult Toys

    When it comes to shopping online, it’s all about trust. Protection of a customers privacy, security, personal & private information is of critical importance. A clearly written Privacy Policy is a must for any online retailer (and is actually legally required in Canada.) Would I pay extra to ensure my personal information was protected while shopping online? You bet! Thanks for the great article.

    Missy K, Client Care Manager

  12. Adult Board Games

    Protecting the privacy and security of customers is #1, regardless of the industry or product they are buying online or offline. Love the article and everyone’s comments!

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