Off-topic: When NOT to flush — Changing the oil in your car

Hmmmm…. I got my oil changed this week and I, too, was offered an “engine flush” because my oil “looked dirty”. My last service was a routine, major service at the dealer so I refused the flush and just went with a regular oil change. It seems that this was the right decision, all the time.

Could This Damage Your Car?

“After engine flushes, there’s a pretty high incidence of some damage to the interior of the engine,” Chris Martin of Honda tells NBC Los Angeles.

That’s why Honda issued a memo to mechanics advising them not to perform engine flushes. Other major car-makers, including Ford, General Motors, and Nissan have all issued similar advisories against the service.

Why? Over time, gummy deposits can build up inside your engine. The chemicals used for engine flush, are supposed to break up those deposits. But car-makers say, pieces of that broken up sediment can clog up other parts of the engine and ruin it.

2 thoughts on “Off-topic: When NOT to flush — Changing the oil in your car

  1. r4

    Thanx for the valuable information. what is an engine flush? Please provide information over it. Provide links to related topics if possible.

  2. Andrew Post author

    @r4 An engine flush is a process of temporarily adding solvents to an engine’s oil during an oil change. The goal is to remove deposits and dirt that may have accumulated inside the engine. The process is described at this site.

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