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Canadian decisions against Google must be applied globally, top court rules

In an important decision, the top court in Canada has ruled that Google must respect rulings made in Canada and apply them globally. This is a notable stretch of jurisdiction and impact. The EFF has provided some interesting commentary:

The Supreme Court of Canada […] ruled that because Google was subject to the jurisdiction of Canadian courts by virtue of its operations in Canada, courts in Canada had the authority to order Google to delete search results worldwide. The court further held that there was no inconvenience to Google in removing search results, and Google had not shown the injunction would offend any rights abroad.

Source: Top Canadian Court Permits Worldwide Internet Censorship | Electronic Frontier Foundation

UPDATE: A US court has now ruled that the Canadian ruling does not have to be applied in the US, citing threats to free speech. It is not clear if Google will go ahead and unblock the results in the US, violating the Canadian order.