Canadian Human Computer Interaction Research Profile

Prepared for: Institute for Information Technology, Human Computer Interaction Program

Prepared by: Janice Singer, Ph.D., Andrew S. Patrick, Ph.D., Norman Vinson, Ph.D.

Survey created and data collected by: Ilona Posner

December 10, 2003



In the spring of 2001, the HCI program of the Institute for Information Technology at the National Research Council Canada undertook a survey of Canadaís HCI research community. The goal of the survey was twofold: first, to help the IITís HCI program set strategic directions, and second, to profile the Canadian HCI community and determine its demographics, strengths, weaknesses, and needs. There was also a desire to help the community ameliorate some of the problems with conducting research in Canada, and achieve greater national and global recognition.

The results of the survey are now available (PDF; 748 KB).

In addition, to further discuss issues, a discussion group has been created at:

At this Yahoo Group you can download the report, post messages and files, engage in discussions, and keep in contact with whatís happening in the Canadian HCI community.