Irony: Theodore Roosevelt on The State

I am visiting Washington DC this week and had a chance to walk to the Theodore Roosevelt memorial. Along with a statue of Roosevelt, the memorial contains four large stones carved with quotations. This one struck me as particularly ironic given the recent NSA activities and a government shutdown.


The quotation reads:

The State

Ours is a government of liberty by, through, and under the law.

A great democracy must be progressive or it will soon cease to be great or a democracy.

Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords.

In popular government results worth while can only be achieved by men who combine worthy ideals with practical good sense.

If I must choose between righteousness and peace, I choose righteousness.

One thought on “Irony: Theodore Roosevelt on The State

  1. Carla

    You can’t have an out of control NSA, a corrupt IRS and an administration that selectively enforces laws and still have liberty. Theodore Roosevelt would have been disappointed in the way the government has broken its contract with the people.

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